Pacific Community - SPC offers a competitive remuneration package (salary and benefits) for both local and internationally recruited roles. This includes worldwide medical insurance cover for staff and dependents, life and disability insurance, leave, and retirement benefits with generous employer contributions.


For international roles, additional benefits may be provided if they meet the eligibility criteria for the particular benefit. This may include tax-free salary, full relocation and repatriation, establishment allowance, education allowance, housing allowance and home leave. Here is the list of benefits generally included in the package:


Medical and health benefits - We provide medical insurance to staff and their eligible dependents


Life and disability plans - We provide life insurance, accidental death and disability insurance, and workers compensation insurance.


Leave and holidays - We provide 25 vacation (annual leave) days, 30 sick leave days and observe 12 public holidays each calendar year.


Retirement benefit - We provide staff with provident fund benefit, with an 8% employer contribution.


For international staff, if they meet the eligibility criteria they are provided with the following additional benefits:


Relocation assistance - We provide full relocation package (travel and shipping) to international staff joining SPC from outside the duty station. We also assist staff in obtaining the necessary work permits, where possible. This includes an establishment allowance to assist staff in covering incidental expenses at the new duty station.


Housing allowance - We provide a housing allowance to help international staff cover the cost of renting an accommodation, based on eligibility criteria. At ourheadquarters, SPC manages official accommodation, which is available for staff to rent and is highly subsidised.


Education Allowance and Child Visitation - We provide education assistance for up to three eligible dependent children. Education travel (child visitation) is provided only if the child is studying outside the staff's duty station country.


Home leave - To assist international staff in visiting their home and family, we provide home leave travel once every 18 months, to eligible international staff and their eligible dependents.